3  ๐Ÿซ€ Anatomy of IDE interface

3.1 Main panel

Main Panel
  • This is where you will write all of your code.
    • As we will talk about in the next section, your code is passed/sent to the console which actually is what evaluates/runs your code.
    • However, you need to document your code. So you will write a script so that you can save all of the code you wrote. Think of a script as a document outlining the steps you took to perform your analysis.
    • You write your script in this main panel

3.2 Console

  • When you run code from a script, you send your code to your R console. This is done by either highlighting your code and using the shortcut ctrl enter ( โŒ˜ return on Mac) or hitting the run button at the top of your main panel.
  • The code you write is evaluated and ran by your R console.

3.3 Terminal

  • The terminal is also an area to run code. This often runs a different coding language (i.e. bash) which is a coding language that tells your computer what to do from a systems standpoint.

3.4 Environment

  • The environment displays your cached (temporarily saved) objects that you create with your R code.
    • We will elaborate a bit more later on this point.
  • But this lets you see things that youโ€™ve temporarily stored from your code.

3.5 Files

  • Letโ€™s you see what files and where you have them on your computer.